Settling In

So I've been living in Paris for 10 whole days now and it seems a lifetime away that I was sat on the Eurostar coming over with maman! However, I'm really enjoying my new life here in Paris, the city is beautiful, even if it is full of creepy creepers, and I've met some amazing people. 

Just my favourite landmark in the whole world

I moved into my new flat on Saturday and it is a LOT nicer than I expected and it's full of people my age which is really nice, once I've tidied up my room a bit I'll put up a post about it. I live near the Parc de Princes, which Shyam who I work with informed me is the home of Paris Saint-Germain which is pretty impressive, but to be honest, the fact that I live in a place called Porte de Saint Cloud is enough for me, too cute.

My building

The food so far has been preeeetty good, last night I went out with one of my uni pals Fayida and we had a yumma Mexican in Place d'Italie in the 13th.  

Every day I go to lunch with the two guys I work with in my office (who are so much fun and have made me feel really welcome, thanks guys!) and sometimes Lucy who works in another building. I literally cannot get over the food, every day I'm amazed at how cheap it is. Today was American themed food (4th July and all that jazz) and all this cost me about €2, which is just insanely cheap, for a start they sell Coke Zero for like 20 cents. COKE ZERO.

SO MUCH FOOD. Burger was slightly inedible due to the French obsession with pink meat.

Fortunately I haven't had any major mishaps at work yet, apart from accidentally sending my mobile number to the same woman I said "au revoir" to on my first day, to which I received an email saying "thanks Sophie, but I really don't see why I would need your number". AWKWARD. I am enjoying the life of an International Marketing Assistant though,  especially when I get to send emails saying things like "here are the latest results from Sweden, just waiting on the US", feeling all professional!

In other news, I bought a Passe Navigo Découverte at the local Tabac just because I couldn't be dealing with the wait for my normal one to come through the post, as I was using a carnet of tickets to get to work, essentially 10 metro tickets for €13,30 which I think is pretty good value for a capital city, but the Passe Navigo works out cheaper and more convenient. The one I bought was €5 and is called a Découverte because a load of Parisians didn't like the idea of a traceable travelcard so they brought out this version.

My DIY Passe Navigo 

That's been my 10 days so far, hope you enjoyed reading!



  1. The food has just been my main thing since I've been here too. There have been times when I've almost thought it was appropriate to have a little tear in my eye from how delicious it was (too much?)!

  2. "once I've tidied up my room a bit I'll put up a post about it" I think we'll wait forever for that particular post! luv maman x


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