So after a year in Paris I decided to spend my summer in Barcelona! I got here two weeks ago and have fortunately managed to find myself here a job here already, which I start next week. In the meantime, I've been living the the life as an unemployed student in one of the liveliest and friendliest cities I've ever been to.

Sagrada Familia - Not quite the Eiffel Tower but still beaut in its own way

Flying past Southampton and the Isle of Wight on my way here...

I arrived in Barcelona, moved into my beautiful apartment (3x the size and half the price of my Parisian one) in the Raval district...

MACBA - round the corner from mine

Sunday mornings look like this
Just want everyone to know I built this myself and it still hasn't fallen down
...and quickly got into a routine of doing, well, nothing...

Interview Preparation.

Still ELLE obsessed, sorrrrry
Some photos from Parc de la Ciutadella

El Monumento a Cristóbal Colón -- Monument for Christopher Columbus. We worked out he's pointing to Latin America. Clever.

Yeah so I paid nearly 8€ for a pot of Frozen Yoghurt on La Rambla. Pass me the socks and sandals, I've turned into a bloody tourist.

I've also been introduced to Piknic Electronik, a weekly festival (?) kind of thing that takes place every Sunday up on one of the mountains that overlooks the city. It's great fun but it's so disorientating getting home at half 10 after you feel like you've been out all night.

The long pointy building in the distance is next to where I'll be working woo

My little brother is currently here, and with the weird thunderstorms Barca has been experiencing lately we decided to go full on tourist and head to the aquarium. Bloody pricey but we had a great time and there's nothing more surreal than having a real life shark just swim casually over your head.

Potentially the ugliest fish I've ever seen in my life. This was its good angle.
When you think the scuba diver is waving at you. But he's just washing the windows. Lol.

Dancing Penguin

I'm really enjoying Barcelona, the city is so much calmer than Paris and the people much friendlier. I'm looking forward to starting my job next Monday as I need some routine, but in the meantime I'm having a great time living the lifestyle of waking up late, going to beach yoga and spending afternoons by the beach when I know everyone else is working.


PS I miss you, Paris.


Allez-y! Let me know what you think :)