La Fin.

So as I'm writing this it's been just over a week since I got back from the best year of my life. I'm now sat back on my sofa in the UK after a full year living and working in the most beautiful city in the world. I had such an amazing time in Paris and had so many wonderful experiences.

Whilst living in Paris I spent the year working for one of the biggest media companies in the world, with quite frankly the best fashion magazine in existence ;) but as I boarded my Eurostar in June of 2013 I had no idea what would be in store for me, and soon moved into an apartment in south west Paris. 

On my first evening I noticed there were a load of young people drinking wine in the courtyard, and after a little persuasion I decided I would join them for my first night out clubbing in Paris. 

These gals and guys were the friendliest people I could have met and I really did have the best summer all because of them. The year followed the pattern of finding the cheapest wine Carrefour sold (1,44€ in case you're wondering), drinking it in the garden or in front of the Eiffel Tower, and hopping on the last metro to one of our favourite clubs.

One of a million Metro Selfies....
...and getting the whole carriage to join in too

Les Deux Sosos

Without turning into one big cliché, I really did "find myself" in Paris. I went from the girl who insisted on buying 13 metro tickets because she couldn't remember the number 10 (why?!) in Gare du Nord to the girl who on a depressing November morning found herself in the local police station making a statement after a burglary in her apartment. (Those who know me will also know I spent countless evenings in Parisian nightclubs using my newly confident French-speaking self chatting up the local hommes).  

My fellow stagiaire and fave gal :)
I was petrified to start work, a full time job which wasn't at all like an English-style internship with coffee-making and photocopying but with actual Responsibilities. I had nothing to worry about though, working in France, with it's 2 hour lunch breaks and insane number of bank holidays a year really is good fun. I was lucky enough to work with a team of beautiful, intelligent and downright lovely ladies (and a couple of men) who kept me going through the year with their good humour and insights into all things French. 

Wine on the Ile
Afterwork Drinks became a real thing
Talking of all things French, I have to say all the stereotypes are true. Everyone wears a beret, eats frogs legs and carries a baguette under their arm -- okay that's not actually true (apart from the whole baguette thing, I've seen them carrying up to 5 on the way home from work). Parisian women do dress in such a timeless way, they don't tend to follow fashion so much, as I would say the Parisian look wouldn't look out of place 50 years ago, but they always just look so effortlessly glamorous. Red lipstick isn't worn as much as I expected, but Parisian women barely wear any makeup, not even mascara, something I really think English women should embrace more. 

 The less said about French men, the better (as you can read in this post here) but I have to say I learnt to detect non-Parisians and found that French people can be really lovely and friendly, especially if they're not from Paris and I'm planning to visit the south as soon as I can. 

In terms of French women being so slim, it's true. I think I can count on one hand the amount of people that could be counted as clinically obese that I saw on my year there. I think it's due to the fact that food really is appreciated, with long lunch breaks and lighter dinners, and no snacking in between being really common in France. Unfortunately I struggled with this and would get really hungry by dinner time and end up eating my weight in baguette and Camembert but oh well, on n'a qu'une vie

L'Eclair de Genie. GO GO GO.

All this came to just over 3€. I LOVE FRANCE.

Twinkie's Breakfasts. Again, GO GO GO

My leaving party, complete with Percy Pigs, naturally.

Before I head on my next adventure, I just wanted to share with you some more of my favourite photos that I've taken on the most exciting, unbelievable and unforgettable year of my life. 

Making friends with the Parisian bus drivers

Seeing London Grammar live at We Love Green Festival

Best views, but read my review here

Me and my boyfriend
Random building, but pretty, no?

Fete de la Musique -- a load of Frenchies in the street misbehaving with music in the background basically

My leaving present <3

Casual selfie with the whole dancefloor

A view from the meeting room on my last day

Chartiers -- again read my mini review here

My bedroom wall

Views over Paris from the Galleries Lafayette

A petit apero for the journey home

Saying goodbye to France from the ferry

My two fave things
Heading home (and not letting go of anything French)

Tour de France in London

A French Gendarme in London!!!!

 Hasta pronto ;) 



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